Robo JetFloss Dealer Opportunities


Why Become a Robo JetFloss Dealer or Party Rental Supplier?

If you are already involved in Concession equipment as a Dealer or Party Rental company, it would be hard to think of a valid reason not add the Robo JetFloss to your product line.

While Cotton Candy has been a favorite "fun food" for over 100 years, not much has changed in that time. Until now, that is!

The Robo JetFloss is a disruptive technology that adds a undeniable and irresistible entertainment value to the process, and it quite literally changes the game. When you turn on the Robo JetFloss, people stop and watch, crowds build and lines form. When does that happen with any other concession?

This is the future, and the only real question is which dealers become established first, and thus reap the greatest rewards.

The Robo JetFloss Sells Itself

Marketing types often say a product "sells itself" but in this case it just happens to be absolutely true. Sure, you'll have to answer a few technical questions and show prospects a few tips on how to adjust the settings, but most will be fully "sold" just watching the Robo JetFloss do its magic.

Many prospects are going to come to you having seen pictures or videos online. Once you sell or rent a few machines, others will find you after seeing this first units in production. Otherwise, a cold sale take no longer than a quick live demonstration.

In the end, it doesn't matter how the prospect first sees the Robo JetFloss in action, that's really all it takes to make most sales as long as you understand the prospects needs and position the Robo JetFloss accordingly:

  1. Individual Operators - Those who will work on their own, selling servings off the stick at local events. Usually as a side or part time job. This ranges from high school and college kids right up to retirees. These prospects have no real objections as they can easily gross $150/hr and have quite a bit of fun at the same time.
  2. Fixed Establishments - This category is wide ranging... everything from restaurants and candy shops to bounce houses, trampoline or water parks or any other retail location that caters to families with children. They will use the Robo JetFloss as an additional source of providing entertainment and generating income.
  3. Non-Profit Organizations - Again, a wide range of opportunities as this includes everything from Churches, Youth Groups, High Schools and any other group that regularly holds events for large groups of children and often sells concessions as part of their fund raising efforts.
  4. Concessionaires - While the Robo JetFloss is not high enough volume for many professional cotton candy operations working the busiest events (such as state fairs or the most popular amusement parks) it can absolutely add to gross profits by running in front of those operations functioning as a highly entertaining draw that will attract crowds to their booth or trailer.  In fact, some retailers have used the Robo JetFloss to attract the public to restaurant or storefront where cotton candy is not even mildly related to their line of business. 

In reality, because of the entertainment value and ability to draw crowds, the Robo JetFloss is a viable sale to an incredibly wide range of the public.  Note, if you haven't viewed the Photos and Videos on the "What's Different?" page on this site, you should spend just a few minutes doing so now. You'll soon realize that we are not exaggerating here, not even a little bit.

Absolutely No Competition

Regardless of how many cotton candy machines you currently sell or rent, you must remember you're dealing in a mature market, fully saturated with machines that all do basically the same thing.

By contrast, the Robo JetFloss has absolutely no real competition! Sure, there are a few cheaply made knock-offs that "sort of" look like they do the same thing at first glance.

But, they don't!

Think about how that changes absolutely everything in terms of sales and rental opportunity. 

On top of that, dealers are not permitted to sell on mass marketing sites like Amazon or eBay so you don't have to worry about cut-throat price competition.

Finally, you'll be pleased to know that we are not a B2C enterprise. While we will sell units directly when there is no other option, referring to local area dealers will always e our first choice.

To that end, notice that this site itself can be used as a sales and training tool by our dealers for their existing clients and prospects alike (as well as sales staff) and nowhere will this site lead your contacts away from you!

Unlimited Opportunity

It doesn't take much imagination or business sense to add up the important pieces: 

  • A new Disruptive Technology
  • Entering into a Mature Market
  • Adding Entertainment Value into concessions
  • A product that sells itself based on a single user exposure

In the future, the Robo JetFloss will be commonplace, credible competitors will no doubt exist and sales will normalize. But, for 5-10 years, it's nothing but green pastures for those who get in early!

An Immense Future Product Line

While it may not be important to every future dealer, it is worth noting that the RoboLabs is actually a huge manufacturer of commercial food and concessionary equipment overseas.

Their line includes not just high-end solutions for producing cotton candy and popcorn (including caramelizers) but also restaurant equipment ranging from fryers and warmers all the way up to Istoma ovens.

While they are initially launching into the North American market with the Robo JetFloss, for those who are interested, a whole line of unique, high quality commercial equipment will follow.

Quality Products, Built To Last

If you have any history with cotton candy, then you know that most of the machines on the market can be a bit of a pain to live with at times. Clogged heads, easily bent parts, simply maintenance made frustratingly difficult due to poor design... we've heard it all.

You'll be relieved to know that you can forget all about this when it comes to the Robo JetFloss... this think is built like a tank!

  • Solid tubular heating elements.
  • Sidewalls constructed from a single piece of stainless steel with precision laser cuts for fine floss diffusion.
  • Four corner chassis support with heavy duty commercial springs
  • A chassis fabricated from a whopping 5 1/4 pounds of stainless steel, 3.5mm thick!
  • Long life motor brushes that are easily accessible with just a screwdriver, buy clumsy hands of practically any size.
  • Removable floor panel for wide open access should repairs ever be necessary. 

The Robo JetFloss is so well build and durable, it simply crushes the competition by every measurement conceivable.

Best of all, when service is required, parts are readily available and reasonably priced as well!