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Everything You Need Is Here...

Below you'll find all of the information you'll need to go from zero to profit your very first weekend!

We have lists, sales tips, instructions, videos, downloads and we'll also be growing our Blog articles containing helpful user and sales articles along the way.

Of course, we also offer post sales advice and technical support for the Robo JetFloss machines themselves.

We're not just selling you a piece of hardware, we're supporting the creation of an entirely new version of the cotton candy industry!

Creating Unbelievable Profits!

The material cost of a "small" serving made on a paper cone is just $.10 cents - and this cone will sell for our recommended price of $3 all day long.

On the other hand, the large portions that really "Wow the Crowd" are spun on 20-22 inch long bamboo skewers or plastic sticks (paper won't support their weight) and your material cost will be no more than $.27 cents; yet these will sell for $5 without any price push-back whatsoever.

Even better, if you mix your own floss-sugar and order supplies in bulk quantities, then you can cut your input costs by 30%!

So, let's make this perfectly clear, a small cone that sells for $3 will net you $2.90 and a large that easily sells for $5 puts a whopping $4.70 in your pocket!

Where Can You Sell RoboFloss Cotton Candy?


Here's the thing.... Floating Cotton Candy will sell itself just about anywhere kids can be found! Unlike the cotton candy that you're used to (that just sits there in bags or plastic tubs) once you fire up the Robo JetFloss, selling isn't usually the problem... keeping up with demand is the issue!

Seriously, as long as you have a "target rich environment" and follow the advice we provide, sales will take care of themselves.

The biggest question then is where are the best locations?

Obviously, where you live is going to dictate the opportunities available. In general, think about locations that have a high concentration of families that will be present for several hours at a time. This significantly increases the odds that treats will be purchased.

Common "Vendor Opportunities" where Floating Cotton Candy sells exceptionally well:

  • Arts & Craft Fairs
  • Farmer's Markets
  • Open Air Music Festivals
  • School Sporting Events
  • Church Social Events & Fundraisers
  • High School Football Games
  • Apple Orchard Weekend Events
  • Youth Wrestling Tournaments
  • Youth Cheer Tournaments
  • Charity Fundraisers
  • City/Town Fairs, Field Days & Festivals

As you consider your own area, you'll no doubt quickly think of many additional opportunities that would be available many weeknights, and certainly just about any weekend.

In addition, you can also offer Floating Cotton Candy as a "Service For Hire" by the hour or a flat fee for special events such as:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Anniversary Parties
  • Graduation Celebrations
  • Store Grand Openings
  • Company Holiday Parties
  • Corporate Business Events
  • Weddings Receptions
  • Charity & Related Fundraising
  • Conventions & Trade Shows
  • Class Reunions
  • Political Events & Fundraisers
  • Business & Club Meetings

The list is practically endless.

If for some reason you don't feel that you can identify enough opportunities, check school, community and business event calendars, and also just start asking parents with children who are engaged in extracurricular activities for the types of events they attend where snack vendors are present.

Even if you can't come up with a large and comprehensive list to begin.... don't worry. Once you operate your Floating Cotton Candy in just a few public locations, you will be invited to all sorts of events, meetings and gatherings that you would have never even considered.

That's the benefit of offering a product and service that's new to the market and that has absolutely no competition... new business opportunities will find you!

But Wait, There's More....

We've always wanted to use that headline somewhere, even just once. Still, it's true! We're just getting started here.... there is much more content below to insure your success, including:

  • Videos on sales, marketing and techniques
  • Downloadable Documents
  • Articles on a range of topics

On topics ranging from basic set-up and operation to sales and marketing and everything in between.

Our goal is to help all Robo JetFloss owners and dealers make the most from their time and investment. Once again, we're not just selling you a piece of hardware, we're supporting the creation of an entirely new version of the cotton candy industry! 

Floating Cotton Candy Profitability

Profit Potential with the Robo JetFloss

A realistic look at the profit potential available from operating a Robo JetFloss vertical Cotton Candy Machine from RoboLabs, including cost analysis for purchasing vs mixing your own sugar floss.

2 Steps to Sales Success

Success Is Really This Simple....


Success Is Really This Simple....

While there are endless ways that you can generate sales events, ranging from calling on entertainment venues, banquet halls and convention centers, there are really only two simple strategies you need to employ:

  1. Inquire About Table Rentals - This is remarkably simple and requires no sales skills whatsoever. Once you've assembled a list of potential Vendor Opportunities (from above) where sales are most likely to be strong, all you need to do is inquire about becoming a vendor. The organizers of such events are always looking for paying vendors, it's a big part of how they fund these events. For many of these events, securing vendors is a full-time staff position (or an entire department) so they will be absolutely thrilled to receive your call.

    Typical fees will range from as little as $50 to $150 for smaller events lasting from a few hours to a full-day. Larger festivals can run as much as $500 to $1,000 a day, but will have the attendance to justify the price. With the markup Flying Cotton Candy provides and a product that sells itself, there's not much risk involved, as long as you have protection from inclement weather!
  2. Suggest Revenue Sharing - You will run into some instances where the concessions for such events are tightly controlled by the organizers themselves or contracted out to a single vendor. In these cases there may not be an opportunity because they could consider cotton candy to be in competition with their own potential revenue. In addition, without prior exposure to Flying Cotton Candy sometimes you'll receive a lukewarm reception for any number of reasons, generally because they're picturing the dull bagged concession variety.

    In these situations, and especially if the event is a School or Charity fundraiser, you might want to offer a "Revenue Sharing" model instead. Promising anywhere from 25% to 33% of gross sales is common. When you make it clear that they have nothing invested and nothing to lose and don't even need to provide staff for the sales, many who were originally thinking you might be a competitor now will see you in a more positive light. This arrangement will usually be less profitable then renting space outright. But again, with the markup involved, you're still going to find this to be well worth your while!

In almost every case, one of the above strategies will be all you need. Remember, event promoters need vendors, so as long as they haven't already booked another cotton candy seller, you won't usually encounter much resistance.

However, if you do sense a lack of enthusiasm, keep in mind that they've almost certainly never seen Floating Cotton Candy before and are not reacting to your offer, but to the boring products they've experienced in the past.

Here's where the saying "A picture is worth a thousand words" becomes highly relevant. If you sense a "ho hum" reception to your inquiry at any point in time, make sure to show them at least 2 pictures... one of Floating Cotton Candy being made, and another capturing the excited faces of children either watching the process or holding a finished cone. Even better, have a short video clip available that pans from the creation to the crowd.

Once you do that, objections dissolve faster than candy floss during a tropical thunderstorm, in August!

Be sure to have photos and video ready to email at all times and keep a few on your phone as well. Until you have media of your own to use, steal a few of ours, we don't mind! Remember, we're here to build the future of Floating Cotton Candy by helping you succeed! 


Set up & basic operation

Set up and basic operation including:

  • Deck Lock-Down Release
  • Power Adapters
  • Accessing the Circuit Breaker
  • Sealing and Air Flow Collars
  • Control Panel Operation
  • Filling and Balancing the Head
  • Start up & Shut Down Procedures
  • Pre and Post "Snow" Control

Accessories & Supplies

Getting Started - Accessories & Supplies

On the one hand, all you really need is a Robo JetFloss machine, a power outlet and sugar... it's really that simple. But, like with most things in life, the devil is often in the details, and having the right accessories and sources will not only save you time and money, but it will make you appear more professional while increasing profits at the same time.

We've also found through trial and error that having just the right setup makes the whole business run smoother and is then much more enjoyable too! So, while none of the following is required, we suggest for one-time purchases:

Note, it's easiest to "right-click" on the following links with your mouse and then select "open in new window" so you don't have to continually return to this page. 

  • Being a commercial grade machine the Robo JetFloss comes with a L5-20R Twist Lock plug. Unless you're going to use it exclusively in a commercial kitchen equipped with such an outlet, you'll need an 5-15P to L5-20R adapter. This Coleman Generator Cord Adapter is top quality at an unbeatable price. Alternatively, you can order an 10 ft long replacement NEMA 5-15P to C19 power cord for just a few dollars more. Note... this doesn't require any wiring on your part. the power cord plugs in the back of the machine just like a typical computer. Occasionally, (it's not always in stock) this Conntek 15' cord is available. It's twice the price but I've ordered two for my machines because it usually eliminates the need for an extension cord which is one less thing to worry about.
  • A Heavy-Duty 25' Extension Cord is going to be needed sooner or later as you won't always be close to an outlet and you're going to want a 12 gauge indoor/outdoor rated model.
  • A lightweight yet sturdy portable table, the Disston Omnitable is ideal for almost any situation. Most facilities will have "something" for you to use, but it's not always sturdy and we find working on the same surface each time makes things more predictable and stress-free. What makes this table the outstanding is the light weight and excellent stability. In addition, most tables are too high to use for comfortably making Floating Cotton Candy but with two-level height options this model provides greater flexibility. Another great option is the Keter Collapsible Folding Work Table which quite literally sets up in just seconds! Even better, it also includes a shelf, making it ideal for keeping supplies easily accessible. The only drawback is at 29" it's a bit high. However, the legs are easy to cut down. If you don't mind using a saw to modify the height, then this table is unbelievably handy, sturdy and lightweight.
  • If you're going to mix your own floss sugar mix, then these 5 gallon food service grade buckets from Lowe's can't be beat for large batches of 25 lbs at a time. And, while you can use standard lids, we guarantee you'll want to make your life so much easier with these spin-lock Gamma Seal lids instead! On the other hand, for mixing 5 lbs or less, Rubbermaid MixerMate Pitchers are the best trick of the trade!
  • For storing your sugar floss mix in convenient and moisture proof containers, we've found the RubberMaid MixerMate bottles in the 2 Quart size to be Perfect for the task. When full, they'll hold about 4 lbs of sugar floss, are easy to handle and the opening is ideal for spill-free filling of the floss bowl without needing a funnel or scoop. The only drawback is they are not entirely moisture proof, but we've found that 60mm x 3mm o-rings fit the bottles perfectly and really do the job of keeping your sugar floss dry. The bottles cost only around $2.50 a piece at most retailers (Target, Walmart, etc) and the o-rings are less than .50 cents each when buying a 10-pack online. Well worth the money. For storing and transporting your mixed sugar floss, the Hefty PROTECT Heavy Duty 20 Qt. Storage Totes are ideal.They're water and moisture proof and have strong handles and fit 4 of the MixerMate bottles perfectly! Usually available at Target and Walmart.
  • There are countless storage tubs for sale everywhere, but the most practical and economical we've found are the Sterilite® 60 Qt (15 gallon) Industrial Utility Storage Totes Buy 2 of them, they're the perfect size for this particular job. If you need something a bit more durable and watertight, then the Plano Sportsman Trunks are about 50% more, but arguably worth every penny. The Small and Medium are more than large enough (don't let the names fool you, they are 56 and 68 quart respectively). Best prices are typically found at Walmart, Tractor Supply or Amazon.
  • We tried a lot of scoops, ladles and cups until we stumbled across the OXO Good Grips Flexible Scoop. Save yourself untold amounts of spilled sugar and countless frustrating "close but not quite" other options and just buy one of these now. 

Supplies From Your Dealer:

  • Paper Cones for making smaller portions
  • Long Bamboo skewers or Plastic Straws for making the larger and more impressive servings.
  • Ready to use Sugar Floss in a variety of flavors.
  • Concentrated Flossine that you can mix with regular granulated sugar to make your own sugar floss.

Miscellaneous Items Without Specific Recommendations:

  • For cleaning the Robo JetFloss you'll need a flat tipped screwdriver and a 7mm nut driver in order to remove the floss head lid and the nuts that attach the heater coil.
  • The one cleaning tool I always have on hand to remove accumulated floss off the pan and stator during operation is a "Tile and Gout" brush. Both the Scotch-Brite Tile and Grout Brush and Libman Tile & Grout #18 are absolutely perfect in regards to size and bristle stiffness. They get the job done quickly and efficiently, but without having to worry about damaging any surfaces. Nothing else comes close. Expect to pay roughly $3.50 at local retailers (online stores aren't as competitive for some reason).
  • If you're going to mix your own sugar floss then you'll need measuring spoons for accurately using Flossine. Remember, the general ratio is one tablespoon of flossine to 5 lbs of sugar. When using the MixerMate bottles (above) they hold roughly 4 lbs of sugar and this works out to be about 2 "rounded" teaspoons of flossine per bottle.
  • A stable and durable business card stand for self-promotion at all of your events. One for handout fliers is a good idea too. Make it easy for customers to know what services you offer and how to contact you in the future and you'll be amazed at how many events you'll book without even trying! Of course this applies to any business venture, but the effect is much more dramatic when it comes to Floating Cotton Candy.
  • A "Tip Jar" of some sort... preferably hand decorated with a prominent "Thank You" written on top. People are so used to tipping retail servers nowadays, and also enthralled by the Floating Cotton Candy process, that you'll be amazed at how much extra cash this can produce!


Floating Floss - Let the Fun Begin!

Everything you need to know to start your cotton candy in the air!

  • Working With Paper Cones
  • The Quick Switch
  • Building Giant Clouds on Sticks
  • Balancing and Shaping Techniques
  • Distance and Floss Effects
  • Cleanliness Builds Better Clouds
  • Goldilocks & The Heating Coil

Cotton Candy Carts


Two Handle Cart

If you need exceptional portability, your dealer can provide you with a two-handle knock-down cart (the weeks can be very quickly removed) for $365.

It will accommodate practically any cotton candy machine and the vinyl decal can be easily removed and replaced with your own branding if you prefer. Assembly is required.

There's a video review of it here on this site with more information.

4 Wheel Robo JetFloss Cart

 A Magenta cart with 4 caster wheels that was designed specifically to fit the Robo JetFloss is also available.

The main deck is just big enough to encompass the Robo JetFloss and is lower than any other on the market... ideal for a machine that shoots floss into the air!

The price is $365 with only the handle and wheels needing assembly.

Again, vinyl graphics can be left in place or removed for your own company branding.

Cleaning & Maintenance

The Robo JetFloss is commercial equipment and requires proper cleaning and care:

  • Tools & Supplies
  • Disassembly and Reassembly
  • Separating the Heating Coil
  • Servicing the Sidewall
  • Inspecting Brushes & Slip Rings
  • Warnings and Precautions

7 Tactics to Trigger More Sales


7 Tactics to Trigger More Sales

In reality, just showing up and operating the Robo JetFloss will generate impressive sales, and certainly enough to put traditional cotton candy operators to shame.

Floating Cotton Candy is so new to the market, and so entertaining that it really does generates sales all on its own. That said, experience has taught us just over half a dozen simple techniques to maximize sales at any event.

  1. Set up in a high-visibility location - It's the sight and smell that attract the masses so make sure that you're positioned to be seen from all sides as much as possible given the venue. Definitely avoid being placed in a kitchen, commissary or tent if at all possible. If you have to be pushed back under some structure, make sure that you're as close to the front edge as you can, and ideally sticking out as much as possible.
  2. Start making cones right away - Until you actually begin making Floating Cotton Candy the Robo JetFloss looks an awful lot like any other cotton candy machine, and that's not particularly exciting. The key to attracting attention and making sales is to have cotton candy floating up in the air for all to see! Plus, the aroma of warm cotton candy is rather intoxicating and will attract additional attention as well.
  3. Make a scene. - If you have help or assistants, make a really large cone and have them walk a couple of laps around the entire event holding it. Floating Cotton Candy cones really stand our and demand attention! Those who have never seen them before will make a point to come looking, and those who have purchased from you before will immediately recognize that you're back.
  4. Offer a few at a discount just to prime the pump. - If you don't have anyone who can take a sample cone for a site tour, then offer a deal to the first few people who stare at the Floating Cotton Candy and catch your eye. Give them a significant discount (or even a free cone) if they promise to walk at least one lap around the event while holding the cone up high before eating it! You have to learn to pick out the trustworthy types, but generally if you offer this bargain to a few, at least one cone will survive the rounds and then new customers will come looking for your stand.
  5. Put some out for display on either a table top or upright stand. - There may be times where you cannot be actively making cones because you're either on a break, refilling supplies or talking to an important prospect. Regardless, that's no reason that anyone should ever walk by and think for even one moment that you're running an ordinary cotton candy operation! In addition, customers tend to come in waves, and there will be times when not everyone can wait, so having half a dozen cones made in advance can make for quick sales.
  6. Engage with your customers - It should probably go without saying, but we're going to say it anyway: the entire experience should be FUN for your customers! That means watching the Floating Cotton Candy being made should be fun, eating it should be fun, and interacting with YOU should be fun too! The Robo JetFloss pretty much takes care of the first two by itself, so that just leaves you.
    Simply put, if you go out of your way to have fun, then they'll probably have fun too. Since we all have our own unique personalities, there's no one way to engage and entertain. That said, if you just treat the customers (mostly children) like your own kids and grand-kids, then things tend to work out pretty well.
    Feel free to wear a silly hat, shirt or other accessories. Also, verbal bantering and teasing tends to keep them very amused, especially when there are giant fluffy mounds of sugar on the line. Examples that will almost always keep them entertained while the cone is being made include:

    - Repetitively asking them "Is it big enough yet?" long before you're done and then protesting slightly when they insist that it is not.

    - Insisting there's no way they are really going to eat the whole thing by themselves and allowing them to debate you on the subject.

    - Asking them if they want to know about the special contest where they can win a free cone? After they excitedly answer YES! tell them all they have to do is eat the first one in a single bite!

    You get the idea and will no doubt develop your own style. But, since it can take a minute or two to craft each cone (depending on size and conditions) it's good to keep them entertained and engaged throughout the process.
    Note: While there are some exceptions, adult customers find this type of banter substantially less amusing than children do, especially if the event also serves alcohol. As such, we recommend you use your best discretion and avoid teasing or taunting the adults.
  7. Prominently display Business Cards & Handouts - Flying Cotton Candy is so unique that people will often inquire about your availability for other events. Make it easy for them to grab one of your cards... don't make them have to ask! Realize that for every prospect who will take the time to ask, there will be several who will feel uncomfortable doing so, or who don't want to wait in order to catch your attention. If you're really ambitious, print flyers making it clear that you can be hired for Birthday Parties, Corporate Events, Store Openings, Wedding Receptions and similar functions. That is if you don't mind the extra business. 

Floating Cotton Candy is so unique that the product and service honestly sells itself, but it never hurts to do the extra "little things" in order speed things along!

Mixing Cotton Candy Sugar Floss

Pro Tips for Mixing Cotton Candy Sugar Floss

  • Reasons to mix your own floss sugar
  • Simple Flossine to Sugar mixing ratios
  • The very best bulk and small batch blending techniques
  • Storing sugar floss so it stays fresh

Two Wheel Push Cart Review

A quick review of the Two Wheel Push Cart

  • Product ID 128725
  • This is your best choice for when you need to cover longer distances.
  • Weighs only 33 lbs and the wheels quickly detach for easy loading and transportation.

4 Wheel JetFloss Cart Review

A look at the 4 Caster Wheel Cart (128724):

  • Designed for the Robo JetFloss
  • 22" Deck height
  • Under shelf for floss and stick/straw storage
  • Heavy duty caster wheels, each swivel a full 360 degrees and can be independently locked.
  • Hanging Snow Tool Hook and Cup Holder (for soaking sticks/straws) included.

Flying Cotton Candy - Tools of the Trade

An in-depth look into the recommended accessories and supplies that I bring with me in order to assure that I'm always prepared for Floating Cotton Candy events.

Dozens of tips and tricks for the beginner and experienced user alike.

Robo JetFloss Half Bubble Review

Review of the one of a kind "Half-Bubble" designed specifically for the Robo JetFloss

  • Protection in high-wind locations
  • Keeps spectators away from the floss head
  • Environmental guard to satisfy overly picky health department
  • Enhances presentation and image

Making A Wet Stick Stand

How to make your own custom "Wet Stick Stand" so you can pre-soak your sticks, allowing the floss to "bite" the wood for a better cloud.

Making a Custom Robo JetFloss Cart Soak Tube

How to make a custom "Soak Tube" to fit the cup hanger that is included with the RoboLabs 4 Wheel JetFloss Cart. This will allow you to soak cotton candy sticks and/or straws much deeper than just using a standard cup. 

Cotton Candy Display Stands Boosts Sales

Build and use inexpensive display stands for use with Floating Cotton Candy cones.

In addition, how to create a completely realistic demonstration/sample cone that will attract attention and last much longer than an actual cotton candy serving.

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