What's So Different About the Robo JetFloss?

In the other sections of the site we'll show you the machines and tell you everything you need to know about owning, operating and being wildly profitable with the Robo JetFloss machines. But, frankly, none of that really matters until you actually see the machine in action, and more importantly the overwhelmingly positive effect it has on the public!

So, first take a moment to view a few real life candid pictures of happy customers.

Then watch a couple short videos demonstrating the many different ways in which this versatile machine can be used!

Always A Hit At Sporting Events!

There's simply no other vending treat on the planet that draws, and mesmerizes a crowd like Floating Cotton Candy!

When you're setting up, people will walk by and say, "oh, they have cotton candy" but once you start making cones, they Stop, Stare & Stay!

Perfect for Parties!

You've never seen Cotton Candy that Floats & Entertains like this before! Perfect for Special Events:

  • Birthday, Anniversary & Graduation Parties
  • Store Grand Openings
  • Company & Corporate Events
  • Weddings Receptions
  • Charity & Fundraisers
  • Conventions & Trade Shows
  • Class Reunions

A Tool For Entertainers & Anyone Wanting to Draw A Crowd!

Floating Cotton Candy is not just about the candy, instead it's about entertainment, spectacle & something new and fun! But it sure does taste good too!

You don't have to show off like this in order to make fascinating, delicious and fluffy servings.... but it's nice to know that you can!

It Looks Complicated, But it's Really Not!

It's pretty easy to assume that using the Robo JetFloss is a complicated affair. In reality, cotton candy is pretty sticky, so spooling it in into a serving isn't difficult at all!

Here's a short video of a 16 year old (with only a little experience) teaching another teenage customer how to make Floating Cotton Candy at a public event.

Creativity From Around The World

The Robo JetFloss may be new to North America, but it has a head start (with a loyal and growing following) around the world.

Here's a few examples of how creative owners from overseas are using their machines to grow their businesses.... and having a lot of fun at the same time!